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There are many financial advisors out there, so

How do you choose which one to work with?

I believe for the most part that the ‘What’ advisors offer may be similar; i.e., financial plans, investing and managing securities, some may offer insurance or annuities, and others tax and estate planning. It is the How & Why they offer that should be considered carefully.


At Yaish Financial we try to keep things simple.

  • You set the tone and we follow your lead.

  • Your engagement is based on your pace and schedule.

  •  Also, to save trees, money and for added efficiency most of our “paperwork” process can be done online:

(1) Book meetings and schedule appointments online.

(2) Meet virtually. (Skype, Facetime or Google Hangout)

Don’t leave the office or home. Don’t get a sitter to watch the child(ren), pet or plants- This can save you time and money

(3) Most forms and questionnaires can be completed and signed online.


(4) Open a custodial account at Schwab, also almost all online.

(5) Offer a client portal to help clients manage investments and keep important documents.

(6) Communication and update documents yup you guessed it. Online.

If I’m interested, what steps do I need to take?

Step 1

Set up a 30 minutes conversation to make sure the relationship can be mutually beneficial.                  (click the button below)

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How We Communicate

Consistent with our belief that planning and money management should be clear of emotional pressure, we don’t promote knee jerking or pressure tactics promoted by some in the industry, such as emotionally charged financial radio hosts or media. Once we hash out a plan we guide our clients to stick to it regardless of whatever financial flavor of the month may be depicted in the news or money focused media. Once we begin to put our client’s plan into action, we formally meet twice a year to review and discuss updates.


If clients need us, they can email us as often as they feel they need. And if a matter comes up that needs to be discussed, a phone or video conference will be set up/scheduled. We set up this office model because otherwise we’d find it difficult to fulfill our financial advisory and investment management responsibilities if we’re on the phone or in meetings all day. It wouldn’t be a good use of our  resources on behalf of our clients. We know this model is not for everyone, especially those that may feel the need to be on the phone constantly with the advisor directly.

Just to be clear, our clients will benefit from a caring and committed team of professionals within this more “modern” approach. Our goal is not to alienate or ignore our clients should they need our advice or support, quite the contrary; we set up the office in this way to ensure that our time is better spent handling essential client matters.

Personal Word:

This relationship is a two way street. Should we both agree to work together, the relationship, financial planning and investment management will be a work in progress. We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach, so we’ll need to chisel and fine tune matters over time. (Information is key. The more we know. The more we can do.) This will take teamwork and patience on both of our parts. Just know, that those who take this journey with us will have our unwavering commitment and dedication.

Have you ever considered working with an advisor virtually? I think you’d be pleasantly surprised to learn how convenient, efficient and nice it can be. This virtual technology allows me to offer my services to clients anywhere in the United States. With the advancement of technology, despite being so far away from clients physically, this mode allows us to take pride in a personable client experience. Of course if you live in the tri-state area, NY, NJ or CT, we’d be more than happy to meet in person.

What now?

Well, after checking us out, if you like what you’ve learned and want to have a conversation , I would be open to investing some of my firm’s resources and meet with you for 20-30 minutes. This opportunity will help us get to know you, your needs, wants and goals, and establish/ determine whether our working together can add value to your situation.

In order to schedule an initial meeting; to address some of your questions or further determine if we would be a valuable member of your financial support team, click the “Schedule Appointment” button to the right.→

Book an appointment with Adaptavant at Ascendas using SetMore
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Our Locations:

1) Location Independent:

Virtual meetings available with clients in any of the United States.

Phone, Skype, Face Time or Google Hangout are preferred virtual means of communication.

2) Client’s Office or Home

3) Physical Address-

83 Lee Place, Suite 201

Bergenfield, New Jersey 07621


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